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Post date: 08:41:23 11-07-2017
We  own Germany ball mill grinding line - HOSOKAWA ALPINE technology with the most advantaged modern classifier 800 TTD (single driver, turbo - twin discharge).

New generation 800TTD classifier advanced modern world best

Classifier 800TTD is of most advanced new generation in the world today
- Single-driver, twin turbo-discharge allow classifying products with particle sizes D97 from 3 to 45 microns. (3 micron products are classified only possibly by new generation TTD)
- 800TTD with new technology uses only 01 classifying wheel and limits voltage drop making products always have range of regular and stable particles. Besides, design of two outputs help increasing performance of classifier 800TTD double higher than older technologies.
- Furthermore 800TTD is also added with ventilation system for blowing into 02 ends of wheels of classifier so that it can help to reduce maximally rate of materials above the sieve D100



Modern coating line

THNA Group  owns two modern coating lines with a capacity of 3500 tons per month including:
Hosokawa Alpine 630C Coating Line – Germany.
Coating technology from Shanghai – China.The coating material is supplied by automatic weighing, fatty acids melted and blended. Once the the acid-fixing rate parameter has been established, the system will process the acid dew and quantify the control of the input dough for surface  treatment.
The surface treated stone powder will be passed through the filtering system and poured into finished product silo.


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