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Post date: 10:53:07 07-07-2017
To ensure product quality, bring the truth to customers, our product must undergo 7 step
strict quality control:
STEP 1: We classify stone resources for each target industries: paper industry, paint
industry, plastic industry ...

STEP 2: The materials are classified in stones of grades A, B, C before they are moved to the plant

STEP 3: Quality controllers check materials on vehicles before materials are weighted on
electronic scales for moving to the warehousing yard.

STEP 4: Stones are peeled off cover, washed and classified by color

STEP 5: Stones before taken into the jaw grinding line are approved under the supervision of the director in charge of product quality.

STEP 6: Product Quality Inspection Department has teams of engineers with many years of experience in quality control of stone powder (CaCO3), high responsibility. They monitor and control continuously and strictly quality of products at frequency of every 30 minutes under support of the most advanced devices.
+ Malvern Mastersizer machine 3000E for measuring particle sizes
+ Konica Minolta CR410 for measuring whiteness
Detecting of unsatisfactory products, Product Quality Inspection Department will call operation room to make adjustment timely. And the products are on process that time shall be classified at the lower grade.

STEP 7: Product quality control staffs are responsible for coordinating with storekeepers check products quality the last time to arrange and stow goods in warehouses into lots numbered in order to control them exactly.

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