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Post date: 10:53:50 07-07-2017
THNA Group with the various materials from 5 quarries, we classify stone resources for each target industries:
Chau Quang's quarries have materials with the low oil absorption - the best materials for plastic industry.
Chau Hong's quarries have materials with the highest whiteness - good for paper and paint industry,...

The process of mining

Area for exploiting materials for THNA Group Ultra-fine white limestone grinding plant.
The materials are secondly classified in stones of grades A,B,C before they are moved to the plant.

Process of raw materials processing

Materials moved to the plant must undergo strict quality control procedures before production:
- Quality controllers check materials on vehicles before materials are weighted on electronic scales for moving to the warehousing yard.
- Stones are peeled off cover, washed and classified color the 3rd time.
- Stones before taken into the jaw grinding line are approved finally under the supervision of the director in charge of product quality.
- Stones 10-40cm through grinding Jaw will become ones 4-6cm transferred to-feed conveyor to a rock hammer in order to reach ones ≤0,3cm,which run through feed conveyor to the feed silo of ultrafine mill.


Ultra-fine powder grinding process

- 2 production lines of technologies Hosokawa Alpine - Germany which run in full automation basing on parameters set up in the control room, provide high stability of products. Furthermore, classifier of new generation 800TTD with two doors helps increase classification effectiveness, bringing capacity up to 8,500tons / month
- Stones from feed silo via quantifying equipment run into ball mill. And to enhance
the capacity, depending on types of particle sizes, grinding additives can be used.
- Materials are crushed to sizes measured in micron; materials with particles of enough conditions shall run through classifier thanks to high capacity vacuum fans particles then to dust filtering bags; the ones, which do not meet requirements shall return ball mill.


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