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Post date: 10:56:30 07-07-2017
THNA Group owns 05 white marble quarries with the largest reserves in Nghe An province, Its total area of 117 ha is located in Chau Hong and Chau Quang communes, Quy Hop, Nghe An and long-term licensed by Ministry of Environment and Resources with top quality white marble, high purity calcium content, we supply materials of good and stable quality.

Our mining team with over 10 years of experience and fully mining equipment: excavators, drilling machines, cutting machines,... Those help us to create good quality and stability materials with lowest costs. THNA Group with the various materials from 5 quarries, we classify stone resources for each target industries: Chau Quang's quarries have materials with the low oil absorption - the best materials for plastic industry  and Chau Hong's quarries have materials with the highest whiteness - good for paper and paint industry,...

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