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Established in 2007, now,THNA Group has nearly 10 years of operation in stone mining and processing industry. We have been known as the biggest white limestone supplier with the most prestigious in Nghe An (we supply all factories in Nam Cam Industry Zone with materials for production). Nghe An Calcium Carbonate is known about the abundant reverses, highest purify in the world and has been highly appreciate by the French biologist more than 100 years ago. After many years of operation, with the deep understanding stone industry, the company leaders had decided to invest an ultra-fine limestone powder factory at Chau Quang Industry zone – Quy Hop – Nghe An. With the advantages different from other companies, THNA Group affirms surely that he shall brings to customers more finance benefit as well as the stability of product quality.

THNA Group determines to become the leading ultrafined caco3 manufacturer of Vietnam in period 2015-2020
In 2020-2025, THNA Group shall become the best caco3-manufacturer of ASEAN, and export this product worldwide.
In 2025-2035: our brand affirmed it's position among the world's top ultra-fined caco3 manufacturers

THNA Group’s mission is "Bring the truth to customers"


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